Parking Rules
Follow the Rules, avoid getting Towed.

Let's Make it Work for ALL:

The Board of Directors is working on a daily bases to improve the quality of life of Island Club West. It’s difficult at times when they find themselves limited with what they have at hand. The limited parking spaces is one of those areas where they have to work with what they have.

They work on brainstorming for alternative solutions, if you would like to contribute with an idea that would benefit the community please send your suggestions and/or recommendations to [email protected]


If your vehicle has been towed, you should contact the towing company directly: 

Impound Towing

They should be able to answer all questions or concerns related to towing. If you need further assistance you will need to contact them first and gather all the necessary documents pertaining to the specific case prior to contacting the clubhouse or the management company.  

If you are a Permanent Resident of Island Club West you should have registered and completed orientation at the Clubhouse (If Not, please stop by as soon as possible), as part of your orientation you have been made aware how many vehicles you are allowed to have (Depending on the unit your are residing in). All vehicles should be registered and have a bar code to be able to stay overnight within the gated area of the community.

All Vehicles parked in the property of Island Club West should follow the community rules and regulations, all vehicles found in violation are subject to Towing at vehicles owners expense. 

I.C.W. Homeowners Association and its affiliates are not liable or responsible in any way for vehicles towed, or for damages, losses to personal property or vehicles, due to vandalism, towing or owners abandonment of vehicle.

The Towing company uses the below Criteria for Towing vehicles. 

Immediate Tow:
1. Double parked - (Parked outside the designated parking lines or over the lines, use more than one parking space, or blocking another vehicle).
2. Not parked in between 2 white lines.
3. Parked on the Street.
4. Parked on the Grass.
5. Barcode attached with tape or any other non approved method.
6. Parked on Handicap Stalls (without any handicap).
7. Forged or altered Parking pass. If you notice a smudge or anything similar it is your responsibility to return immediately to the clubhouse for a replacement. 
8. Vehicle found to have tailgated into the community. - Regardless of the parking permit.
9. Vehicle without a License Plate.

24 Hours Warning (tagged): 
1. Parked within the gated community area without a valid barcode or Authorized Pass (Blue or Green).
2. Parked within the gated community with an Orange Parking Pass.
3. Backed parked into a parking space.
4. Having a vehicle displaying advertisement.
5. Abandon or broken down vehicles.
6. Vehicle with a parking pass without the matching license plate
7. Expired tags.
8. Commercial vehicle.
Ones a vehicle has been tagged the first time, tag/warning-records for that vehicle remain active for a period of 6 months. That means the vehicle does not have to be tagged (warned again) within that period of time. 

Other Community Rules that should be followed are: 
1. Speed limit is 15 MPH.
2. Come to a complete STOP at the STOP signs. 
3. Drive carefully and watch for children & pedestrians.
4. Vendors/contractors are restricted to job site.
5. Loud radios and alcoholic beverages are prohibited outside residence.
6. Community quiet hours are 11pm-7am.

It is the responsibility of the Pass Holder to review and make sure that all information on the pass is correct. Do NOT under any circumstances alter/modify a parking pass. All passes have a unique code and are specifically assigned to a vehicle, a Unit, and are issues for specific dates.

Any violations per the above rules or to ICW's Governing Documents, may result in towing of a vehicle. All expenses associated with the violation are the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle. And may at no time hold the association or it's employees accountable for such violation.