Tenant Registration / Barcode Request

Island Club West Tenant Registration


***Do not proceed with the below steps if you do not have a written approval. ***


After applicant has written approval…
NOTE: 1 Bedroom apartments are allowed only 1 vehicle, 
do NOT attempt to register 2 vehicle - NO REFUNDS. 

After payment has been sent complete the remaining steps and send documents via email. 

  1. To be able to fully complete the electronic form with the payment reference number please make payment HERE, you will be sent via email a confirmation with the reference# // you may include screenshoot of Synovus payment.

  2. New Tenants Registration FORM - Also requiered for current residents purchasing Barcode(s) 

    Complete items #3, and #4, gather items #5 and #6 - Email all together:
  3. Initial each line item and sign Receipt, found HERE
  4. Complete Envera Community Access Form

  5. Executed lease agreement (signed by all parties)
  6. Vehicle registrations "NO commercial vehicle, NO advertising on vehicle" 
    Vehicle needs to be under the name of an approved Renter. * * * 

    Item #7 Below will be provides with credential:
  7. Signed receipt of acceptance of barcode - (Provided with credentials)

To avoid delays please complete item 1, then send items two (#3) through seven (#6) all together via email to [email protected] - The email Subject should be: Registration {Property Number, street} {Tenant Name} Example: "Registration 111 Mango Dr. John Doe"

* * * If Title of vehicle is not under renters name, besides registration, the following documents are required:
  1. A notarized letter signed by the current vehicle owner authorizing the renter to use this vehicle.
  2. Proof of insurance including coverage to the registered ICW renter (Name is to be clearly shown as a covered individual under the vehicle’s insurance policy).
* * Registration must be completed prior to Moving in. * * 

Please follow the steps as indicated above - Payments (account) and forms need to be submitted in the proper order and to the proper source. Information received out of content or not following the proper procedures will delay the application.  


@Island Club West