Island Club West 



Pay accordantly - Barcodes are NOT transferable and NO Refunds will be given.

If you make a payment (other than HOA Dues with property account) you need to complete the Tenant or Owners Registration. For barcodes you also need to send via email ([email protected]) the DMV issued vehicle registration.

Use this information to make payment: 
Company ID: ICW 
Location ID: ICW 
Account # - 6530REV 

                                      Please refer to the below list for appropriate payment. 

  1. Registration and Orientation processing fee $50 - Mandatory
  2. Amenities Access Card $25 each.
  3. Pet Fee Registration - Non Refundable $250 
  4. Vehicle barcodes, required 1 per car $50.
    Note: Max vehicle's depends on unit rented, please verify (not to exceed 3) - Vehicle should be registered under the same name of approved individual (Vehicle registration is required). - Mandatory per vehicle
** Online Payment Service is provided by Synovus and its partners,
 convenience fee may apply. NO REFUNDS** 


You always have to complete the Tenant or Owners Registration when submitting payment.